I recently marathoned the available Hunter x Hunter episodes and I found myself having too much explosives feels. This is where I blog about it.

Solid Killumi and Hisogon shipper. ♥
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bpd-gon sent:

hey how much is the copy of the hisogon thingy?

1500yen if you order directly from the artist! You can pay them via paypal and they even ship overseas. :D

Edit: You have to speak Japanese to contact them. Orz

cute-ayoota-world sent:

Is Gotoh alive or dead? I didn't get it when he showed up in the last ep

Sorry, I haven’t caught up with the anime yet, so I wouldn’t know. Maybe official sources can help clear that up? :D


In the face of much encouragement from the twitter portion of fandom, we present: a kink meme for the hunter x hunter fandom! 

Like the long tradition of kink memes that have come before, the idea is that absolutely anyone can write a prompt — consisting of a character or pairing, a kink, and a short description — with the hopes of receiving fanwork to those specifications in return. Prompts are posted anonymously (although daring souls with dreamwidth accounts can post under their username), so anyone feeling shy about the things they happen to be into can ask for them under the cover of identity-darkness. 

The meme is open to ALL pairings and ALL kinks. From the most vanilla to the most risque, all requests will be entertained. This means there will be zero tolerance for kink shaming, character bashing, or ship hate. But mostly, it’s an awesome way to generate new and unique fandom content, and the whole point is to have fun and chill out making porny fanart and fanfic, so hopefully none of that will be a concern!

killura sent:

I saw your recent post and may I ask where did you watch it???

Movie theaters showed it where I live. :D

I’ve been looking at the name Pariston Hill ever since I finished the latest HxH movie yesterday because it sounded SO familiar… and then just… Paris Hilton??



So I was watching the earlier episodes of Hunter x Hunter where Netero shows up because Menchi fails everyone

Good ol’ Netero rising to the occasion and playing Chairman…


you got this old man


uh-huh keep going


wait what the fuck Netero why are we suddenly panning into Menchi’s boobs is this part of the explanation??


They literally took two seconds to flash Menchi’s boobs in the middle of Netero’s little lecture and I am just ??? relevance??

Then again you got Hisoka getting a boner at the sight of Gon so who am I to argue I mean